Is back!

Hello, My Favorite Naked Girls fans!

As you may have noticed, MFNG has been down for close to a month. Long story short, this was due to Tumblr suspending the account out of the blue. No warnings before, no reasons afterwards, no replies to e-mails. Their site, their rules… so MFNG is going standalone!

The only bad thing I can think of is the whole Tumblr followers thing – sadly, you won’t be able to follow this blog or see it on your dashboard. So if you want your fix of naked girls, MFNG style, you’ll just have to do it old-school style, and bookmark (or remember)

And hey, since it’s a new start and everything, don’t be shy and drop a line at myfavoritenakedgirls [at] gmail [dot] com . Suggestions, comments, submissions, all welcome!

Have fun,


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