Shy Tumblr Girl, Secretly Awesome

This gypsykween is a bit shy and likes to daydream. Or, yes, maybe she’s holding back the awesomeness (just so you know I do read the blogs before posting here – not anyone makes it). Awesome hot young body on this Tumblr girl, nonetheless! Source: – sadly not active anymore.

A Bad Girl To Dream About

You know the type: little bit of an attitude, lots of sex appeal, piercings and cool tattoos to set off that devil may care vibe. Undressing for the camera can also be a form of rebellion, so check out this girl stripping out of norms and clothes. Source: For more naked girls of Tumblr, …


Alicia’s Demons, Breasts and Naked Extravaganza

Alicia is an innocent looking 19 years old girl form Canada who chose to share her demons with the rest of the world on Tumblr – a prime example of innocence on the outside, wicked fun and slightly self-destructive stuff on the inside, naked of all inhibition, or at least fighting it. Now, you’ll visit …


Sexy Chaser

The sexy pictures of a young girl just wanting some fun and intrigue. Dig the naughty college girl cheerleader look? Of course! Source:

Under the Skirt of a Tumblr Girl

This Tumblr girl must have been very horny when she took these hot, hot pics, don’t you think? Lifting up her short skirt, pulling her white cotton panties aside, spreading her pussy and ass for the camera, putting on some hot stockings and finally inserting a bottle… Knowing that countless strangers will ogle her hot …


Spectacular (Not) Bruised (Ass) Cheeks

A young woman artistically showcasing her beautiful body on Tumblr. There is this gif of her naked and spinning around… wow! And, of course,if you have a fetish for naked women wearing men’s shirts… Source: (not online anymore)

Bratty Kitten Wants Rough Play

A bit of rough play is just what this young sexy woman craves, judging by the redness of her sweet canned ass. Just look at that delicious, bratty smile as she is waiting for her training, helpless in her collar and handcuffs, blindfolded and baring it all. Source:

Favorite Naked Girl Submission

This is one of my favorite naked submissions of all times. I got it sometime in August 2012, back when My Favorite Naked Girls was still on Tumblr and damn, summer just got a lot hotter. Believe it or not, despite the quality of the photo, this girl, who wished to remain anonymous, is not …


Bisexual, Baby!

Pigtails and a nice rack. What more could you want? This sexy and self-declared bisexual Tumblr girl goes beyond the rhetorical nature of the question and shows it all,mostly through the wonderful medium of amateur naked selfies: low pixel, high nudity content. Source: – seems to be deleted. Good thing exists, huh?