Two Superb Black&White Erotic Pics

Yes, so in all my laziness I seem to have missed a couple of excellent vintage erotica pics, like the two superb black&white nudes presented here. Bonus image, a colour shot of the same beautiful nude woman: All pictures in the Vintage Erotica category have been submitted by a very talented photographer who wishes to …


Naked Girls Having Some Lesbian Fun

Teen girls exploring each others bodies, getting naked, caressing, posing naked and sharing a bath. Naked girls sharing a very hot lesbian experience… very boring, I know. Which one do you like more? The seemingly innocent and shy blonde girl, or the rebellious (darker blonde) girl with the tattoos and piercings?

UK Amateur Wife Nudes

We now present the sexy antics of a UK wife. Making the hubby happy is easy when you do the laundry in the nude, don’t get mad if he catches you peeing, serve him wine from your bellybutton and then proceed to masturbate in front of him.

Woman Stripping, Presenting Ass

OK, so this woman also wears white and blue panties, but those red lacy ones really compliment her great ass. She strips from barely nothing to nothing, revealing pussy and ass, and even teasing with a bit of an impromptu pole dance thing. Studying to be a stripper, perhaps? She’d be good, no doubt.

Teasing With Upskirt And Ass

Ah, nothing like a couple of drinks to defeat those nasty inhibitions and release the passion! Certainly true in the case of this woman, who starts teasing, spreading her legs for some very nice upskirt shots, with and without panties. The party then moves into the bedroom, where she undresses in just the right way …


Girls Get Naked In Club, Party Hard

Got this “news” in a newspaper’s newsletter a couple of days ago: A teen girl got into a club somewhere dressed only in a trench coat, then dropped the trench coat, revealing her naked body to everybody. As this girl was parading around naked, two more girls stripped down and joined her. So, now we …