Naked Woman Smiling

Came across this beautiful nude woman while sifting through the old submissions… it’s hot, it was submitted at some point and marked as anonymous, and that’s about all I know about this sexy smiling woman. Thanks again for submitting!

Wet Pussy Closeup

Isn’t this beautiful? This girl must have been horny as hell when she took these wet pussy closeups and submitted them here. Very cool, now they can serve to make other people horny, perhaps even wet a few more pussies and keep the juices flowing. Thanks again for the excellent submission, anonymous girl!

A Bad Girl To Dream About

You know the type: little bit of an attitude, lots of sex appeal, piercings and cool tattoos to set off that devil may care vibe. Undressing for the camera can also be a form of rebellion, so check out this girl stripping out of norms and clothes. Source: For more naked girls of Tumblr, …


The Photographer’s Beautiful Wife in The Nude

As you may know, My Favorite Naked Girls is proud to publish the regular submissions of a very talented nude photographer and overall awesome person. I am talking, of course, of the author of the nudes in the Vintage Erotica section of My Favorite Naked Girls. And he’s decided to really treat us to something …